Taprooms, Markets, Festivals and other events

  • Taproom

    Visit the brewery and try our range of beers in a relaxed drinking environment. Beer will also be available to take away.

  • Markets

    Find us at various local markets where you can choose any combination of our beers you want. Individual bottles and gift boxes of 3 and 6 available.

  • Festivals

    We are working on getting into some local beer festivals and will update this list with any festivals where you will be able to find our beer.

  • Taproom dates

    The Taproom is open 1pm - 10pm on dates shown

    • 24th February 2024 - with pizza by Little Window Cooks
    • 30 March 2024
  • Market dates

    • 17th February - Great Staughton Indoor Market
    • 18th February - Waterbeach Community Market
    • 3rd March - Cottenham Community Market

  • Festival dates

    Find our beers at Booze in the Pews from 8-10th February and Booze on the Ouse from 14-16 March