Our Festivals

Details of our upcoming festivals

The Pavilion, Alconbury Weald 13-14 April 2024

Open 11:30 - 22:00 both days

We are really excited to share with you details of our first beer festival taking place at The Pavilion Alconbury Weald in partnership with Urban&Civic.

The Pavilion, Alconbury Weald, Huntingdon PE28 4XB

We want the festival to showcase local small producers so we have carefully selected a range of beers, ciders and gins from a range of small businesses based in East Anglia.

We are on the lookout for volunteers to help run the festival. Please get in contact with us (info@wheatsheafbrewery.co.uk) if you are interested in lending a hand, even if for just a few hours.

for the love of beer

How it works

Entrance to the festival will cost £20. For this you get: Entrance to the festival, your festival glass (choice of Beer or Gin glass) and £14 of drinks tokens to use at the bar. The bar will only be accepting payment using drinks tokens.

Additional drinks tokens can be purchased from the festival desk as required. Any unused value on your drinks tokens can be returned to the festival desk at the end of the day for a refund.

Please note tokens purchased on Saturday will not be valid on Sunday. If you return on Sunday with you festival glass you will get free entry.

If you don't want to keep your festival glass you can return it when you leave and get a £4 refund.

Under 18's and designated drivers will get free entry to the festival with a plastic glass for soft drinks.

A selection of soft drinks and snacks will be available from the bar and food trucks will be on site from 12-2pm and 5-8pm each day.

Dogs welcome.

Important Festival information

Beer List

  • Mockingbird, Stout 5.0% ABV - Wheatsheaf Brewery
  • Same again, Mild 3.9% ABV - Wheatsheaf Brewery
  • Oracle, Pale Ale 4.8% ABV - Wheatsheaf Brewery
  • Armageddon, Golden 6.1% ABV - Wheatsheaf Brewery
  • Car Park Cuddle, Pale Ale 3.8% ABV - Ivo
  • You've Sean'd It, Best Bitter 4.2% ABV - Ivo
  • CitraBolt, Golden 3.8% ABV - Papworth Brewery
  • Koura, Wheat Beer 5.7% ABV - Papworth Brewery
  • Pit Lan Project, West Coast IPA 6.0% ABV - Bakers Dozen
  • Caryophyllene Amber Ale 5.4% ABV - Biochemist Brewery
  • Peach Pale, Pale Ale 4.0% ABV - Briarbank
  • Strawberry Xtreme, Stout 4.5% ABV- Xtreme Ales
  • Burwell Sunshine, Pale Ale 5.0% ABV- Burwell (Gluten Free)
  • Margaret's Field, Amber 5.0% ABV- Burwell (Gluten Free)
  • Egyptian Cream, Stout 4.5% ABV - Nene Valley (Gluten Free)

Cider List

  • Monk and Disorderly, Medium Sweet 6.1% ABV - Spinney Abbey
  • Nice Pear, 5.0% ABV - Spinney Abbey
  • Oliver's Session, Medium Dry 4.5% ABV - Cromwell's Cider
  • Oliver's Sweetheart, Slightly Sweet 5.0% ABV - Cromwell's Cider

Gin List

  • Smoked Gin 45.5% ABV - Willow Tree
  • Citrus Zing Gin 40% ABV - Willow Tree
  • London Dry Gin 40% ABV - Roundwood
  • Fireside Gin 40% ABV - Roundwood


Urban&Civic have very kindly organised additional bus services to return festival goers to Huntingdon. The mini bus will run every 30 mins from the Pavilion to Huntingdon bus and train stations along Ermine Street from 7-10pm. There will be no pickup from the bus and train station after 6.30pm

Single tickets will be priced at £2 with tickets available at the festival desk. Details of the bus schedule will appear here once confirmed.

If travelling buy bus to the festival please use the standard Weald bus times to get to the festival from Huntingdon during the day - Click here for bus timetable


Food Trucks organised by Off the Beaten Truck from 12-2pm and 5-8pm each day

Snacks will be available from the bar.