Our Process

Learn how we make our naturally hazy, great tasting bottle conditioned beer, from grain to glass


The first part of the brewing process is the mash. This is where the malted grains are combined with hot water to extract all the sugars that are needed later for the yeast to ferment into alcohol.

The choice of malts is critical to the success of any beer and we make sure that we use only the best malts to give our beers the best flavour profile possible. We put extra effort into making sure we have a great mix of different malts in all our beers to build a complex malt flavour profile to every beer.

The mash must be carefully controlled at the correct temperature to ensure optimum sugar extraction. Temperatures can be altered for different beer styles to make a dryer or sweeter finished product.

Great Britain has some of the worlds best malts, and we are proud to use British malts in all our beers.


The next part of the brewing process is the boil. Here the extracted wort is boiled with hops. The choice of hops is critical to the final flavour of the beer as hops have a bittering effect and also a aromatic effect
on the beer. Hops are added at the start of the boil to give the bitter flavours, and at the end of the boil to give aromatic flavours.

Each hop used gives a different flavour profile to the beer, and we carefully select the blend of hops used in each beer to give a fully rounded flavour to all of our beers.

We primary use British hops in our beer as we believe that we have some of the world’s best hops right on our door step.


The fermentation is obviously critical to any beer. Here the sugars extracted in the mash are turned into alcohol by yeast. The choice of yeast used can have a big impact on the final flavour of the beer and we make sure to carefully select the yeast to make sure it suits the beer being made.

We have to carefully control the temperature of the fermentation to make sure the yeast is happy and we get the correct amount of alcohol in the final product.


The conditioning process is critical to ensure the development of flavours in the beer. After the primary fermentation is complete the beer is filled into its final packaging and the conditioning process starts. During this process the yeast remaining in the beer completes the final fermentation which is also used to carbonate the beer naturally.

During the conditioning process, which can take up to 4 weeks to complete, the flavours of the beer continues to develop. But we think it is worth the wait to ensure we have a fully developed beer.

We do not add finings to our bottle conditioned beer as we don’t think that this adds to the flavour of the beer. This does mean that our beer is not crystal clear, but we are proud to serve our full flavoured hazy beer.