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A Taste of the Best - 6 Pack

A Taste of the Best - 6 Pack

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Too many beers to choose from? Why not try six of our favourites: Supernova (4.6% ABV), Unlocked (4.5% ABV), Isolation (4.5% ABV), Oracle (4.8%ABV), Prognosis (4.5%) and Mockingbird (5.0% ABV) 

Armageddon is a golden ale; malty, with earthy and spicy notes from pilgrim, progress and goldings hops. The stronger version of Apocalypse.

Supernova is our lightest ale; a dry hopped golden ale full of refreshing fruity and floral flavour.

Unlocked (formerly known as Lockdown) and Isolation are our IPAs; Unlocked the classic IPA showcasing Admiral and ElDorado hops.

Isolation mixes things up a bit with the introduction of Rauchmaltz, Bavarian smoked malt, that perfectly complements Goldings and Cascade hops.

Oracle is an easy drinking ale, light and fruity with a subtle bitterness.

Prognosis is our brown ale, with a subtly sweet toffee flavour, floral aromas and a refreshing bitter finish

Mockingbird is a dark smooth stout combining rich coffee-like bitterness with floral and earthy hop aromas.

500ml bottles

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